Cdr file converter

Have you ever received a CDR file, and couldn´t open it because you didn´t have any Corel Drwa license in your studio?

So now, if you need to convert CorelDraw Files (.cdr files) into eps, image file or to different Corel Draw file version then you have a great website to go.

They convert your CorelDraw files into eps formats, images like bitmap, jpeg or gif. This corel draw online converter can convert cdr to jpg, cdr to ai converter and cdr to eps converter Any format can be converted into the format you are looking for. And the best part, its absolutely FREE!!! Visit

You just have to upload your file, select the file format you want it to be converted and enter an email address to receive the converted file.

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The website currently just don't process Adobe Illustrator files, and obviously does not convert raster images (.tif, .jpg, .gif, etc) into vector images (.ai, .cdr, .epg, etc) as it is not a simple conversion.


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