Steve jobs presentation secrets, by Carmine Gallo

One of the most important capabilities of a sales person or of a businessman is to make great presentations. I foun this interesting presentation on Steve Jobs presentation Secrets, by Carmine Gallo, who wrote a book about how to make  awesome presentations.

If you feel you need some advice on how to do great presentations, watch this:

Some transcript ideas:

The presentation secrets of steve jobs - How to be insanely great in front of any audience
by Carmine Gallo

Act 1 - Create the story

> Have a story to tell. People remember stories better than facts
>Ipod: "one thousand songs in your pocket"
> Imac: "The world´s most thinnest notebook"

Act 2 - Deliver the experience
"the brain doesn´t pay attention to boring things"

Have Attitude: Eye contact, an open posture, and hand gestures are important to make the audience pay attention to what you are saying.

Practice! Know what you are saying, rehearse!
Deliver quality and excellence!
And, most important: Have fun!!!! If you don´t like to make presentations, it will be difficult to entertain your audience!


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