Rio de Janeiro Animation movie

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. As some of you may know, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I am very happy to see an animated movie which has this city as main scenario.

From the creators of Ice Age, the 3D animation "Rio" is a comedy-adventure-love story centered on Blu, a rare macaw who believes he is the last of his kind, however he shortly discovers there’s another macaw out there, a girl named as Jewel. Then to set up a life with her, he leaves his cage in small town Minnesota and heads up to Rio de Janeiro. Blu is domesticated and flight-challenged, and Jewel is the fiercely independent, high-flying female. They embark on an adventure of a lifetime, where they find out about friendship, love, courage, and being open to life’s many wonders as unpredictably thrown mutually

On theatres April 2011.

Watch up some wonderful trailers:


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